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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of Immanuel to have my wedding at the church? 

You do  not need to be a member! Our Pastors would love to meet you and chat about having your wedding here at Immanuel! Please join us on a Sunday morning and introduce yourself to either Pastor Craig Bickel or Pastor Tyler Carter! We also do have some requirements  given by our lay ministers. 1. The couple must attend our 12-week Discovery Class before the wedding. 2. If the couple would like someone other than the Pastors of Immanuel to perform the ceremony, the Pastor must be part of the LCMS.

I am a member of Immanuel. Is there anything I have to do to have my wedding at Immanuel? 

All couples married at Immanuel must have premarital counseling with the Pastor that is performing the ceremony.

How can I find out if a date is available for my wedding and then reserve the date?

Call the office! Jillian Pruitt (Administrative Assistant) is more than happy to help you with that! Once you have confirmed that the date is available, a $100 deposit is required to save the date on the calendar! (This will go toward the final non-refundable cost.)

What are the costs involved for having the wedding at Immanuel?

Sanctuary Use: Members = $250 Non-Members = $500

Pastor: Members = Discretion Non-Members = $200

Event Coordinator (required): $200 (An extra $75 will be added if the wedding is scheduled near a holiday)

Custodial (required): $50

Organist/Pianist: $150 (includes wedding rehearsal and ceremony) $25/hour (other requested rehearsals)

Production of Program: $20 for first 100, $10/100 after that

Security Deposit (refundable): Members = $250 Non-Members = $500

Can I have my reception at the church as well?

Yes! To find out the cost, please take a look at the Wedding Information Book (link below) or call the office! Jillian would love to answer your questions!

If your question has not been answered, you can find more information here:  Wedding Information Book

You can always call Jillian to get more information as well!