What You Can Expect

  • 8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service

    In Christian worship, Christ comes to us in Word and Sacrament. He brings to the people of God forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation. We in turn thank and praise Him for these gifts through psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, liturgy, and prayer. While Lutheran Christians are heirs of a rich liturgical and hymnic tradition, Lutheran worship is also a living heritage, one in which each generation seeks to effectively communicate the Gospel. Using hymns and liturgies primarily from Lutheran Service Book, worship at Immanuel is focused on Christ and the message of the cross. As we leave worship fed by God’s Word and the Sacrament, we go into the world to serve the Lord and the world through our chosen vocations.
  • 11 AM Contemporary Worship Service

    This service is designed to give our worshipers yet another way in which they can “worship God in Spirit and truth” (John 4:24). The history of the Lutheran Church is one that has consistently held fast to the truths found in scripture. Although we have presented those truths over the years in different ways, one thing remains: Jesus is Lord. This service will hold to that same truth but will have a different expression from our classical service. The music is led by the worship team, the elements within will change each week, and there will be a more personal feel to many parts of the service. What you can expect to encounter is an easy flow, a relationship oriented layout/design, and a group of people who long to be in communion with God. What we hope you experience is an intimate encounter with Jesus and a time of growing in your faith with fellow believers.

    While our style is more laid back and the format is a little less structured, we still gather together in awe, acknowledging the greatness of the God we worship. Along with that, we heed the call from Jesus to know Him intimately… to be called His friend.

    We hope you will join us in worshiping the God who created the universe and yet knows us each by name!

  • What should I wear?

    We do not have a dress code and we certainly wouldn’t want you to worry about this! Some people wear jeans and a t-shirt, while most come in "business casual" attire. Some people prefer to dress up, while others prefer to dress down. Wear what you feel is appropriate for meeting God with others. We are more concerned about God’s love and your needs than we are about your clothing.

  • Is there something for my kids to do?

    Absolutely! During our bible study hour (9:50 am) on Sunday, we have a wonderful Sunday School program for children in pre-school through 5th grade. We also offer Bible study for Junior High and High School students.

    During the sermon during the 11am service, we offer a "Children’s Church" experience for children 3 years old through 1st grade. Children’s Church is a time to focus on Jesus and God’s Word. It is a special time for worship and praise in a way that children ages 3 yrs old through first grade can actively participate and understand. During children’s worship, we will pray, learn a bible verse, have a teacher-led devotion with discussion, and songs. Occasionally, children will be sent home with an activity to do with their family to further their understanding for that week. We want to stress that this is a time for praising God and not a time to “play.” If you feel that your child is able to participate in this type of worship, encourage them to join us. We would love for all the children to participate! Not only does this give them a special time to focus on Jesus with their friends, it also allows for you to focus your attention on God's Word. There will be an invitation for the children to follow the leader out of the sanctuary for a children’s message. After the sermon, the children will return to sit with you for the rest of the service.

  • What if I want to receive Holy Communion (the Lord’s Supper)?

    The Lord's Supper is celebrated at this congregation in the confession and glad confidence that, as Jesus says, our Lord gives to us not only bread and wine, but also His very body and blood to eat and to drink for the forgiveness of sins and to strengthen our union with Him and with one another. Our Lord invites to His table those who trust His words, repent of all sin, and set aside any refusal to forgive and love as He forgives and loves us. Because those who eat and drink our Lord's body and blood unworthily do so to their harm, and because Holy Communion is a confession of the faith which is confessed at this altar, any who are not baptized, instructed about communion in an LCMS congregation, or are in doubt and yet desire to receive Holy Communion, are asked to first speak with the Pastor or an usher. For further study, see Matthew 5:23; 10:32; 18:15-35, 26:26-29, 1 Corinthians 11:17-34.

  • What if I am not Lutheran?

    While Immanuel is a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church, we are open to all people seeking to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Being Lutheran isn’t as important as having a heart to seek Christ. If you want to learn more about Lutheran doctrine, that’s an option in our Discovery classes. But it’s certainly not a requirement for attending.

    You can expect to be greeted warmly at the door and receive a bulletin for that worship service. The worship service will include music, with the words to songs projected on large screens so everyone can follow along. There will be a message from a pastor that will last about 20-25 minutes. An outline for the message is typically provided in the bulletin, so that the learning is more interactive. Depending on the service, there may also be baptisms and Holy Communion. During the service, we hear and speak different passages of scripture that we call the "liturgy," and the pastor will lead us in prayer.

  • How do I become a member?

    We offer a Discovery Class which looks at the basics of our Christian faith and what we believe as Lutherans. This class takes place at least two times a year. If you are interested in joining this class, please call or email the church office.

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