Today’s Light Reflection

Reading through the Bible in Two Years

This small group started in February of 2021 and wrapped up in March of this year. The group met on Sunday nights via Zoom to talk about each week’s readings. Here’s what a few of the group members had to say as they reflected on the last two years!

Reflecting on the Today’s Light study I have to say that I have grown in many ways.  I have read through the Bible before but not in a study format.  I learned so many more things about our Lord and all the people in the Bible.  I am so amazed how our Lord speaks to us freshly addressing issues in our lives with words written so long ago.  Another benefit was getting to know church friends better and making new ones through the course of the time.  I have been left wondering what to do with my time on Sunday evening and missing seeing all those faces. – Keith Welch

Our Today’s Light zoom Bible study was an unexpected blessing amid Covid, with all of its cancellations, disruptions and grief. God provides.

It was an encouraging opportunity to be in His Word, learning, connected to church family and building fellowship, week after week in our homes. Plus, we had wonderful leadership, of course. Thank you!

I miss it. But the Lord surely has something in store. – Ellen Wolkensperg

Sunday nights are not the same without my Today’s Light group. 

I’ve treasured the knowledge, insights, and shared faith that God provided all of us in our time together. While it was not my first time through the Bible, this opportunity allowed time for asking questions and building upon previous readings. This has been a powerful experience in  recognizing over and over again how small we are and how mighty and forgiving our unchanging God is! – Kathy Munger

Missed out on this reading group? We’ll be doing a church – wide reading through the Bible in a Year plan in 2024! During the Bible Study hour, Pastor Craig will lead a discussion about that week’s readings. Keep an eye out for information about that opportunity towards the end of 2023!