Updates from the Call Committee

Survey Overview

Call Committee Timeline

Job Description

Associate Pastor Call Cmte Process

The Board of Directors at their July 19th Brd mtg established a Call Cmte to begin the call process:  They asked; Matt Salvati (Brd member), Carl Meyering (Lay Minister member), Nicki Blaine, Jen Haberling and Emily Nelson to serve on the cmte. along with Pastor Craig.

The Call cmte met for the first time on Aug. 18th.

They reviewed our Organizational Chart

The Call Process

And discussed our Mission, Vision and Ends.


Since that time the Call Cmte has:

Asked the Congregation to be praying for this work.

Discussed with the District that we are in the Call process.

Shared thoughts and healings needed in light of Pr Carter’s resignation.  That is/was not easy and we want to seek God’s grace and wisdom on our work moving forward.

Reviewed our Financial position concerning extending a call and its impact upon our budget/ministry plan.   We are budgeting in the 2022 budget for the Associate to be here half the year.  We are not overflowing with funds, this position, as well as having other full-time and part-time staff, will stretch us.  The Call Cmte and the Board feel this is the wise next step first and foremost for ministry/our mission and vision, and also financially.

We have discussed with Dave V. a team/staff consultant, the needs and tools we can use when we arrive at the interview process.

We reviewed the Staff’s DiSC results.

We surveyed the congregation and shared those results with the Congregation.

Reviewed Gifts, Abilities and Skills needed for this position.

Discussed and Formed the Job Description for the Associate Pastor. 

We still need to:

            Discuss the benefits of calling from the field and calling from the Seminaries.

            Fill out the paperwork with the District to be in the ‘process’ to have a call for a Candidate from the Seminary if that is our plan.  (Two paths during the winter/spring)

Receive names from the District of candidates in the field to consider.

Survey the Congregation on items we have questions about that arose from the first survey.

            Prepare the proper documents to be shared with the Candidates when we begin the interview process.

Review the PIF’s and SET’s of the candidates from the field.

            Layout the Interview Plan:

Assessment tools used

Staff and other members who will be a part of the interview process.

Assemble the questions and schedule for the interviews.

Conduct phone/Zoom interviews with possible candidates.

Be in prayer for God to guide our work.

Communicate with the Congregation.

After interviewing the possible candidates, the Call Cmte. hears from the Staff and members to receive their thoughts and impressions.

Call cme deliberates, prays, discusses, and prepares the presentation to the Board of Directors.

Share with the Board and hear their questions and thoughts.   Leave the mtg with a recommendation.

Have a Voters mtg to extend a call for a full-time Associate Pastor

Pray he & his family accept the call

Help him/them in their transition to Immanuel.

Install the candidate and begin serving, supporting, and celebrating Jesus with him (and his family).